Monday, June 28, 2010

Working on cakes

Here is Tana working away and Les and I carving a cake!

A Weekend around here

This is a typical Thursday and Friday, cakes everywhere!!!!!

making of Tow Mater

We start with a 1/2 sheet cake, cut into thirds, stack, then carve. Platform is styrofoam we cover with cake foil, glue to board, then we cut a piece of foam core, covered in foil for the body to sit on. glue that to the platform. Ice in buttercream, airbrush, fondant accents, edible image door sign. Wheels are rice krispy treats covered in fondant.

making of a ball glove

This is how we make our ball glove. We start with the wilton ball glove pan, and a 8" round. We carve and stack. Ice in buttercream, airbrush. Styrofoam ball, covered in fondant, edible image logo.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

more pics

Here ya go

From the begining till now

Here is a picture of my first kitchen. It was about a 10x12 room in the back of our house. My first sign. I bought out a woman who had made cakes for years. The fridge is new. I guess I spent about $4,000.

The making of a Ninja Turtle

This was a fun cake to do and looked cool. I think between Tana and I we made an amazing Ninja Turtle. Turtle is made with cake as the base and rice krispy treats for detail. Iced in buttercream, fondant detail, airbrushed.

My Favorite cake of all

Its been since 2006 since I made this cake, but when I think back, I realize this is where the business started taking off. This is my only competition cake I have ever done and I won the Wilton Cake contest that year. I guess this cake gave me the confidence to plunge farward, pursuing my dream for Heavenly Delight Cakes. This cake for me has always been the begining to an amazing journey.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


This is my first post. Iam so excited to share my love of cakes, and cake decorating. I will be sharing my experiences with my cake shop. All the ups and downs!